About Us

Fourteen Five Books are dedicated to producing authentic, Scholar approved Islamic Narrations that are vibrant, colourful and engaging for your little monsters! 

We wanted to cater for the younger audience, 2 years and above, however we feel confident that even younger children would enjoy the colourful and vibrant illustrations!

Our first book launch Hadith Al Kisa; The Event of the Cloak (Colourful Children's Version) is now available on Amazon in English, Danish and Farsi, as a Paperback and Ebook (viewable on any device with KindleApp)

A keep-sake Soft Glossy Paperback nice and light for little hands.

Or the E-Book which can be viewed on any device with the Kindle App.

Click here to order Hadith Al Kisa from Amazon 

Click here to order Hadith Al Kisa in Farsi

Click here to order Hadith Al Kisa in Danish as being sold at the Imam Ali Moske, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our second Book Mubãhala (Colourful Children’s Version) is also available now.

Click here to order Mubãhala from Amazon. 

Please keep checking back for future book releases coming soon!

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Our Mission

R Mughal

Author & Design Illustrator

To make Hadith literature more accessible to toddlers, and introduce very young minds to the esteemed personalities of the AhlulBayt (Alayhi Salaam) in a format that children can understand and build on. Our current books out now are Hadith Al Kisa and Mubahala.